Lion's Touch
A *Jewelelry* brand making unique art pieces out of old *brass* beaten drum cymbals. Exclusive handmade *nickel free* jewellery.

Lion Timmerman
Cymbal Beater


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About me: 
My name is Lion Timmerman born in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. I have a passion for motorcycles, music and playing drums. But what I love even more is creating jewellery out of these old beaten drum cymbals. It's the combination of making jewellery by hand and use my creativity to give you something special, personal and unique.

Cymbals are a great material (shine and structure) to work with. This material together with the recycle process makes it amazing to see what beautiful things you can create after the cymbal give some wonderful sound to us... These cymbals made from brass (nickel free) and by using brands like Zildjan, Sabian, Paiste, Istanbul, Stage and others we get a wide range of different structures and colours.
  Where to find me:
Well you can simply send a message or e-mail to let us know your idea and wishes for personal jewellery. Or you can find me on events and expo's (open for bookings) and see how I create and make these handmade jewellery. I make all kind of styles and items for adults but also I make jewellery for and with kids and let them create something by them selves and let them learn something of this craftsmanship.


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